Weddings and Honeymoons

Convenient marriage formalities and excellent facilities make getting married here a piece of cake. And whether you prefer an intimate family gathering or a lavish banquet at a luxury hotel, you will find that the island offers good value for money.


We offer next package of services:


1.       Making visas and air tickets for newly wedded and their guests


2.       Booking the hotel and accommodation which you choose


3.       Meeting guests at the airport and supporting transfer airport- hotel- airport


4.       Organization and realization of the ceremony


5.       Supporting guests during all period of stay by our Russian and English speaking representatives


6.       Organization of special programs and tours to most romantic places if the island.


To get married on Cyprus is very easy and there is no difficult formalities, you just need to take with you next list of documents:

1.       For civil marriage you should give originals of documents to municipality. All documents, excepting passports should be translated into English and notarized at notary public. You should contact our agent beforehand, counting that arrive to Cyprus you should 2-3 days before the wedding. For request send package of documents by fax or bring it to the office of our agent. Wedding can be hold on any day from Monday to Friday, excepting public holidays on Cyprus, so the date should be agreed in advance. For making church wedding as well you should have a certificate of baptism. This request also should be done in advance to confirm the agreed date of church wedding.

2.       Necessary documents:


·         Birth certificate;


·         Passports;


·         A notarized paper that both of future newly wedded are not married at the moment and is free to get married;


·         If any of the future newly wedded is divorced there should be official court decision about the divorce;


·         If any of the future newly wedded is widow or widower then there should be official death certificate of the spouse;


·         Permission of father(mother)  or guardian (in case of absence of parents) for this marriage in case if any of future newly wedded is younger than 18 years;


·         The official marriage certificate after the ceremony will be send to Ministry of Justice in Nicosia and our representative with give it to newly wedded. The service is done for small extra charge.


Many hotels on Cyprus make nice surprises for newly wedded, for example champagne (wine) and fruits in the room upon arrival, upgrading of the room if they have such availability.


Also there is option of making the ceremony in your hotel, as many hotels have beautiful decorations and wonderful gardens with view on blue sea. We are glad to recommend you the best hotels for marriage. And if you are celebrating your silver or gold anniversary or any jubilee, we will take care of your romantic occasion!

If you want to organize wedding in Cyprus please contact Ksenia Shvets