If you want to spend exciting day in water park then visit “WaterWorld”  in Agia Napa!


Based on the theme of Greek Mythology and located close to Ayia Napa, Waterworld Waterpark is the largest waterpark in Europe - Located at the “gateway” to Agia Napa, on the Agia Thekla Road.



There are so many rides and pools for adults and children!


“Drop to Atlantis” is the only slide of its kind in the world with light, sound and visual effects within the ride. Riding in a three man bullet, you will be sent speeding down the slide, encountering its various turns and drops before splashing in to the pool below.


“Fall of Icarus”- Waterworld’s unique boomerang ride is here. Get set to push yourselves to the limits down to steep hair- raising slide, then start on your climb towards the sun and see just how high you can reach, but the fun is not over humps & bumps to finally cool those flames in the pool below.


“Quest of Heracles”- get ready to rock as your quest takes you through the mesmerizing snakes tubes to flight the Hydra, Heracles’ ultimate enemy. Two extreme body flumes, makes this a journey of mythology you’ll never forget…set on Hydras hiding place, you will embark on the most fearsome ride of your life.


“Kamikaze Slides Zeus Zenith and Mount Olympus”- the Father of us all, gods and men, mighty Zeus who shakes the wide earth with his thunder. He is a son of Cronos and Rhea, in fact the only son to survive to adulthood. Zeus was hidden in Crete by his mother so that Cronos would not eat him like he did with his other children. When Zeus finally killed his father he freed his brothers and sisters and became supreme ruler of the sky. Feel the attitude as you embark on the 90 metre journey from the sky to the ground.


There are many other amazing rides! Also don’t forget relaxing lazy river “Odyssey”.