Do crowds or strangers put you off? Would you rather enjoy yourself with your own family and friends?

If so, we have the answer: for private group adventures, we have a host of pre-arranged itineraries including both standard tours to the Troodos Mountains, major tourist attractions and shopping excursions, or adventurous off-the-beaten track discovery expeditions to the best beaches, most delightful villages, remote forests and Monasteries, painted Churches and undiscovered wilderness.

Everything and anything is possible! You can choose to do one of our standard brochure tours on a private basis, or on special request, one of our expert excursion consultants will sit down with you and your party to design an itinerary tailor-made for your interests.

There are only some of the private tours we can organize for you.





It’s one of the most interesting routes. In this tour there is opportunity to see wonderful nature of the island and get to know with rich culture of Orthodox church on Cyprus.


Charming mountain villages with cosy, narrow streets and traditional Cyprus architecture. On the way to Troodos we will make a stop in Lefkara village, famous with its lace, embroidery and filigree and will try aromatic Cyprus coffee.


We will visit one of the oldest orthodox monasteries in the world- Kykkos. Full name is Saint Emperor’s Stauropegial  monastery of the Blessed Virgin of Kykkos, where from first days of foundation is kept miracle- working icon God’s  Mother, created by apostle Luca. After we will visit cloister of Virgin Troodotisi, which is translated as “living in mountains”. Unique icon of Virgin Troododisi is kept there, and the beginning of monastery history starts in year 990, but today’s look monastery assumed only in 1731. Another relic of the monastery is a miracle- working belt, giving happiness of motherhood.



Next our stop take place in Omodos, village which is famous with its wine- makers. You will have a chance to see real century- old cellar. And you can also degust different sorts of wine. Also we will visit monastery of Saint Cross in Omodos where is kept part of Vivifying Cross, which was brought here by Saint Elena, according to legend, and also relics of St. Apostle Philip.  


If you want instead of Omodos, we can visit Petra tou Romiou, birthplace of Aphrodite.


Attention, when visiting monasteries on Cyprus tourists should cover their laps and shoulders.






Antique history, legends, charming landscapes and beauty of Cyprus nature- this is the theme for our programme.


We will visit Kolossi castle, not far from Limassol, which was founded  in 13 century on the place of fortress, which was headquarters of knights- crusaders of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem. And here at the first time was produced famous Cyprus wine- Commandaria.




On our way to antique capital of the island- Paphos, we will visit “Petra tou Romiou”. Here according to ancient Greek mythology “out of spindrift appeared Aphrodite- goddess of love and beauty”. As says the legend, swimming in waters of “Petra tou Romiou” brings youth and beauty.


After we will visit Sanctuary of Aphrodite, not far from village Kouklia, where as archeologists think was Palaipafos (Old city). Here was raised temple of Aphrodite, the most ancient remains are taken to 12 century B.C.


Even famous Roman emperor Tit in year 69 on the way to Syria worshiped here to goddess of Love, brining rich gifts. This sanctuary was described by Homer in 8 century in song “Odyssey”.







“Attica Holidays” offers you our new service- shopping with personal assistant in cities of Cyprus. Our assistant will make your shopping more successful and the process of shopping more comfort. The assistant will advise you where to find exclusive and advantageous clothes and accessories.


Your personal assistant will understand your taste and will choose proper route of shopping. Also the assistant will help you with drawing Tax free.


Transfer will be organized to any city you will choose.