For many people Cyprus remains the place of rest and amusement, at best the tourists learn a few facts about the ancient period of the Cyprus history. That is why for most of tourists Cyprus remains the island of light-hearted rest and the place of Aphrodite's birth. But only few people know that the island has a rich Christian history which is an invaluable part of the Cyprus history and pay attention to it. That's just what we want to do. We want to open the Christian Cyprus for you.


Our guides are aimed to show the pilgrims the churches and monasteries relating to the Mother of God and St. Apostles staying there. We will also get in touch with ancient traditions of the holy Fathers. We will visit churches and monasteries keeping holy Christian objects: the particle of Life- giving Cross of Lord the Savior, Christ bonds, St. Lazarus relics, the head of Apostle Philip, miracle-working icons. You will come across the places connected with the beginning of the Christian Era. These are the Flagellation column of Apostle Paul, the catacomb church of St. Solomonia, St. Lazarus temple with his tomb and relics. The history of the Cyprus stauropegial monasteries such as Kykkos, St. Neophyte the hermit as well as of Trooditissa, St. Nicolas ("Cat's") and Holy Cross gives an idea of the Byzantine epoch.