Cyprus may be a small country, but it’s a large island- the third largest in the Mediterranean. And it’s an island with big heart- an island that gives its visitors a genuine welcome and treats them as friends.


With its spectacular scenery and enviable climate, it’s no wonder that Aphrodite chose the island as her playground, and since then, mere mortals have been discovering this “land fit for Gods” for themselves.


Cyprus is an island of beauty. Cool, pine-clad mountains are a complete scene- change after golden sun- kissed beaches;  tranquil, timeless villages are in striking contrast to modern cosmopolitan towns; luxurious beachside hotels can be exchanged for large areas of natural, unspoilt countryside; yet in Cyprus all distances are easily manageable, mostly on modern roads and highways- with a secondary route or two for more adventurous.



The antiquities of Paphos, the Neolithic settlement of Choirokoitia, as well as ten Byzantine Churches from the Troodos region are included in the official World Cultural heritage list, thereby endorsing their importance.



Unfortunately, since July 1974 a significant part of our cultural heritage is under Turkish occupation. This heritage has been subjected to severe damage. But still there are many places of interest which can be visited by tourists on excursions to Northern Cyprus.





Besides cultural heritage, nice weather all year round, clean warm sea, Cyprus can suggest you great hotels, delicious food and hospitable, open people.
Smell the jasmine and the wild thyme, taste one of the oldest wines of the world, walk in pine scented forests, or ski on the snowy peaks in the morning.


Take a dip in the warm blue waters of Mediterranean sea in the afternoon, wonder at Greek temples, Byzantine churches and ancient artefacts thousands of years old.


Play a round of golf, go cycling, or hiking round the countryside, or take up a new sport.


Feel at one with nature, or dance the night away.


In Cyprus there is much to enjoy, see and do. It’s a whole world condensed in a small area.



We welcome you on  Cyprus!