Bird and Animal Park, Paphos


We are glad to suggest you and your children to visit “Bird and Animal Park” in Paphos. There you can meet a lot of different exotic birds and animals from all over the world!


In Amphitheatre which can hold 350 guests take place  educational talks and programs about the various wildlife.



Also there are  daily parrot and owl shows which educate the public as to how agile and clever these birds are.




All the time the Park receives arrivals of new interesting animals!



You can also have a nice, fresh cooked lunch in traditional Cypriot restaurant  after a show!



There is also a place for the smallest children "Children's Farm"- great location for the children to get close and personal with bunny rabbits, guinea pigs, chicks and goats. Also a chance for a pony ride or for a photo with a parrot or snake.







Enjoy your day in Bird and Animal Park!