Exciting, fun, educational activities are the heart of a successful incentive program. Depending on the purpose of the trip, activities can be tailored to focus either on sightseeing, team-building, or competitions. A combination of the above types of activities can also be arranged. No matter what the purpose of the activity is, our team will make sure you will not only learn something from it, but also have fun and occasionally increase your adrenaline a little! 

The activities and events described and seen on the following pages are only a sample of what ATTICA can offer you. Customized proposals tailored to your specific group profile and needs, can be done upon enquiry.


Adventurous and Fun

The Retreat which is situated near Pareklissia village, on the outskirts of Limassol, is unique for being the only sporting and leisure retreat of its kind on the island and appropriate to host a day activity full of challenge and fun.

The half-day package offers an enjoyable and stimulating day out in the unspoilt countryside and is the ideal way to experience a combination of all the facilities available, whilst a full day package will truly add an element of drive for people who like to test their sporting skills in a relaxing, friendly atmosphere.

 Current Facilities & Features of the Venue

All around the Retreat different activities range from the relaxing to the competitive, providing you with the opportunity for competitive play, teamwork and bonding exercises, or a well deserved and rewarding team break. Everyone will greatly benefit from the healthy atmosphere, the peaceful environment and the opportunity to get to know each other away from the hustle and bustle of the towns.

  • Natural Lake: The venue natural lake is full of beautiful Japanese Koi Carp which you can watch or feed.
  • Nature trails: Explore the area with marked nature trails that point out the beautiful flora and fauna of the Cypriot countryside.
  • Ecological Buggies: The battery operated buggies provide for a unique mode of transport to explore the Retreat, taking in the areas of interest and beauty.
  • Mountain Biking: The challenging terrain provides a great ride in the fresh air.
  • Farm Trail: The farm trail will take you past the foals, the mare and the riding and racing horses, including Cypriot and Greek Champion Show Jumpers.
  • Stud Farm: The Stud farm is one of the largest on the island with around 300 horses
  • Horse Riding: Horse riding is available for riders of all ages and levels with a combination of lessons in the arena and hacks, along with rides through traditional Cypriot villages, mountainous areas and unspoilt countryside with qualified escorts.
  • Archery: The archery facilities cater for all levels of experience and include targes and a 100 meter practice field, with tuition available for beginners.
  • Football Pitches: Grassed football grounds are maintained during the winter season to accommodate football teams from around the world and provide a venue for their daily training.
  • Shooting: The shooting range of the Limassol Shooting Club, 1km from the Retreat offers the Olympic disciplines, three skeet ranges, three trap and double trap ranges, a 14 position air gun, a fully air conditioned air pistol hall, as well as the non Olympic disciplines, sporting-Fitasc and Down the line.
  • Treasure Hunt: The Treasure Hunt is an organized competition and applies for groups of up to 100 people participation. Divided into small teams, the aim of th hunt is to answer the list of questions on Cyprus with clues scattered all over the Santa Marina Retreat premises which can be found on foot or using the buggies.
  • Cafeteria: The cafeteria provides dining inside or out with unparallel views of the fields and mountains.  

 List of activities

1. Archery Competition: Each team member has two practice shots under the instruction of our instructor. Each member will shoot one arrow to contribute to team’s overall score.

2. Horse Riding Competition: All team members must mount a horse and race 50 metres and dismount (both horses are held by grooms). Members must through a horse shoe into a bucket that is hanging from a tree, mount horse again and race back to the finish. The event is timed from the time the first member mounts at the start and last member dismounts at finish.

3. Golf Competition: Each team’s team leader is given once the instructions for teaching basic level golf! Each team receives 120 golf balls and from the tee off mats must land as many balls in the marked area. The team leader’s teaching skills will influence how well the team performs!

4. Mine Field: Team members must split into pairs. One of the two is blindfolded and the other must guide them through a 15m course filled with obstacle/mines. Landing on ‘mines’ results in penalty points to the final cumulative score

5. Toxic Waste: Team members must transport as a group the container filled with ‘toxic waste’ which has ten long flexible handles from the ‘danger’ zone to the ‘safe’ zone. Spillage of waste results in penalty points to the final score.

6. Minotaur Labyrinth: The team must create a communication language. One member of the team is blindfolded and team leader must guide the team member verbally using the team’s language through the obstacle course. Points for fastest time and points deducted for not using the correct ‘language’!

7. Wall Climbing: Team members brave enough to climb the 7m wall (all members assisted by harness and rope controlled by qualified instructor) must collect points located at various points on the wall. Total points within specific time contribute to the teams score.

8. Treasure Hunt: The aim of the hunt is to find the 7 lucky horse shoes with clues scattered all over the Retreat premises in the quickest time.

9. Skytrail: The Skytrail is a unique two levels / 10 metre high wire course with 14 different challenging elements. Teams must traverse these elements that vary in difficulty in the quickest time to collect the clue. All 14 clues make up a final puzzle for the team to solve.

10. Paintball: A speedball field allowing ten players to compete for the ultimate prize ... Victory! The group is divided into smaller groups and in a knock out competition format the winning team is the last one standing!

11. Battlefield Live Cyprus - authentic compat simulation using military grade technology and authentic gear. This is hopefully the closest you will ever get to real combat: The combat scenarios are heavily influenced by military/police force trainning and video gaming. The technology is world class and used by numerous military and police facilities around the world. The core technology uses focused infrared light similar to the U.S.Army and NATO M.I.L.E.S. system. The gaming guns feel real, sound real and perform just like the real thing. The game starts with a short buddy team "death match". This allows the players to get to know their weapons/gear and gets them used to working as a team (the last buddy team standing wind but remember, this is a team sport so if your buddy dies, so do you). Then we form two sides and divide each side into fire teams. Play sessions typically last 15 to 20 minutes.

 Note: Minimum participation 20 persons required


Ceramic Workshop

The object of this event is to learn about the timeless art of pottery, and the skills that have been passed from generation to generation. These are presented in their original Cypriot setting, so the participants not only acquire a new skill, but learn it in the context of its local roots.

By coach we will take you from your hotel to one of the traditional pottery villages tucked in the tranquil countryside. A skilled craftsman will lead you to his rustic workshop and introduce you to the different stages involved in the art of pottery. During your stay, you will have the opportunity to mold your own pieces of clay, decorate, glaze and fire them in time to take your work of art back home with you as a treasured souvenir.


Dragon Boat Racing

Dragon Boat Racing is popular in 60 countries worldwide, but has its roots in Southern China. Since 1976 the sport has steadily gathered momentum and is one of the fastest growing water sports with over 100 annual festivals around the world.

Dragon Boats are now here in Cyprus since the island is perfectly suited to the sport especially as the good weather conditions mean that it can be enjoyed through the year. Dragon boats usually have a team of 20 but can also be used with less people. A drummer is always seated behind the dragon’s head and his rhythmic drum beat is known as the heart beat of the dragon. His drumming controls the timing and frequency of the paddling and is synchronized to the leading pair of paddlers who sit immediately behind him and set the pace of the whole team. The paddlers sit in pairs facing forwards and use specially designed paddles.

In competition, we can have a Pre-Race and then go to the Final Race, depending on the number of participants. Racing distance can range from 200 meters to 500 meters. The whole competition takes approximately 4 hours, again depending on the number of participants. Competitors will be weighted before racing and then separated in groups. A practice race will first take place before the main race.


Helicopter Tour

Enjoy a once in a lifetime opportunity for an unforgettable helicopter adventure!

This unique experience will carry 3 persons at a time on a thrilling 30-minute flight taking in a birds-eye view of the Pafos area, Mountains or the Akamas Natural Reserve area.

This option is suitable for VIP clients or those whom the company would like to reward in a special way.


Make Your Own Film

What could be more exciting than directing or even starring in a film for the Oscars?

Here is a chance to take part in the making of a film, either in front of the cameras or behind!

As the main goal is to enhance teamwork and spirit, the delegates can be divided into groups of approximately ten people with the task of producing a short 30 seconds or one minute video. They will allocate the roles and responsibilities among them (director, actors etc.) and will have a time limit to complete the shooting. The editing will be done in cooperation with a professional editor.


  • To conclude this fun activity, we recommend a dinner related to an “Oscar Theme Night”.
  • The above activity can be combined with the Jeep Crusade or if required we can allocate to each team either mini-coaches or Jeeps with drivers and they can discover on their own a place where they would like to take their film.