Cairo tour will be one day excursion offering you an unique opportunity to visit and explore the amazing city of Cairo accompanied by qualified guides.

You will be then taken to visit the Egyptian Museum where you can marvel at the biggest collection of Pharaonic exhibits in the world and the magnificent treasures of Tutankhamun. Following will be a visit to the most mystical ancient wonder in the world - the Pyramids at Giza Plateau. You will be given the chance to gaze at the huge stone structure of the enigmatic Sphinx.

Lunch will follow consisting of a sumptuous buffet in the elegance of Le Meridien, a beautiful five star hotel overlooking the pyramids of Cheops and Khefren. After your meal you will be taken to a Papyrus factory where they will witness the procedures of manufacturing the world's oldest paper. The perfect end to this truly exciting day could be no less than a relaxing cruise on the river Nile where will see Cairo and experience the sounds and lights of a bustling and never sleeping city.

Once the cruise comes to an end, the guests will be taken by coach back to Cairo Airport as to take the flight back to Cyprus and from there will be transported back to their resorts.