«Attica Holidays Limited» was founded in 1998 in Larnaca, Cyprus. Over the years, our company has developed a lot.
We work with Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Estonia, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia, Israel, Jordan. Every year we receive more and more tourists in Cyprus.
Our company offers the following services:

Everything you want in Cyprus is possible!
We aim to support our dear tourists throughout their stay in Cyprus and provide them with the best service.

Thank you for choosing us!
Welcome to Cyprus!

Director of «Attica Holidays Limited»,
Vasilis Pavlou

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Attica Holidays
60, Stadiou st., 6020
Larnaca, Cyprus

Т: +357 24620980
Ф: +357 24621093
Email: info@atticaholidays.com



  • Телефон :
  • +357 24620980
  • Факс :
  • +357 24621093
  • Email :
  • info@atticaholidays.com





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